MDE Residency Program

Through a grant from the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE), MSO brings general music opportunities to underserved schools with this creative residency program.

Artists in residence are MSO's Wade Rackley and Scottye Rackley.


Provide general music instruction by Musicians-in-Residence and live performances by MSO musicians in rural schools and/or schools with limited or no music classes.  The weekly instruction curriculum progresses along a path leading students to observing and understanding live music performance.  Each instrument regularly involved in orchestral music is discussed in a creative and hands-on way with the actual instrument.  The Musicians-in-Residence tailor these age-appropriate educational sessions to include the science of sound production (including participatory experiences and experiments), the structure and function of the human ear, music history, audience etiquette and conducting.  Instruction is designed to run weekly during the entire school year and to culminate in live performances in each school by each of the three ensembles of the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra - Woodwind Quintet, Brass Quintet and String Quartet.

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