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Tell me, and I will forget.
Show me, and I may remember.
Involve me, and I will understand.
-Confucius (450 B.C.)

Welcome to Our Fresh Educational Program!

We are excited to introduce you to fresh educational programs. Like produce in the supermarket, we strive to bring you the freshness and vitality of live performance through our concerts and programs.

We are surrounded by music. Wherever we go, there is music: at the store, at home, at church, at a party, at movies, and on the radio. Music has a very important place in our daily lives, so much so that it is like food - vital to our survival. Recordings we own might be likened to canned food - "canned music". All the CDs, MP3s, old LPs, and iTunes that we buy and store for later, in reality have no comparison to live performance.

With our programs, we offer our community the opportunity to enjoy live music up close, to experience it, and to connect with others through it. We offer the opportunity for children to learn about what music entails, to have the opportunity to experience the joy of music making, and to be touched and transformed by it, in an environment of cooperation, sensibility and teamwork.

Would you feed your family only canned goods, or would you try to include a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables as well? Don't miss the opportunity to observe and enjoy music first hand, to experience fresh live music, to broaden your knowledge and that of your children and to enrich your experience in the world. This is why I am excited about our programs, which allow children and communities to experience music first hand.


Alex Encinas
Director of Education

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Pops III: Pepsi Pops

Fri, May 09, 2014, 7:30 PM