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Happy Hour!

We are pleased to continue our FREE Virtual Events on January 25, 5:30-6:30pm with clarinetist J.C. Barker, for the first of several HAPPY HOURS! Sign-up, sit back and enjoy these upcoming casual conversations between Conductor Crafton Beck and guest musicians.

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Music of Richter & Ffrench

Pops I - FEB. 20, Thalia Mara Hall

Two international sensations of the contemporary music scene explore the frontiers of classical music to deliver heart-achingly beautiful and immersive scores for film, TV and stage. Revel in the works of Max Richter and Alexis Ffrench, as well as other contemporary greats, at this easy-listening concert featuring a lovely pairing of keyboardist and violinist, Tyler and Shellie Kemp. Concert sponsored by St. Dominic's and Pileum Corporation. Tickets available FEB. 12th!

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Mendelssohn & Beethoven

Bravo III - MAR. 6, Thalia Mara Hall

Close your eyes and experience Mendelssohn's uncanny ability to capture images in music, even as a teenager. His colorful and engaging String Symphony No. 7 feels like home. Plus, marvel at the genius of Beethoven's daring String Quartet No. 11, deftly arranged by Gustav Mahler for full string orchestra. It sparks a glow that shouts with the identical surprise and remarkable technique we cherish. Generously sponsored by Pirouline. Tickets available FEB. 12th!

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Mozart + Candlelight

Chamber II - MAR. 27, Thalia Mara

The candlelit surroundings for the master's music brings an intimate, authentic aura to MSO's popular 20-year tradition, yet in a different setting. Beginning with a serenade for two small orchestras, then to one of his musical parodies. This year's performance is anchored by Mozart's famous and recognizable Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. Sponsored by StateStreet Group and Mr. & Mrs. Bud Robinson. Tickets available FEB. 12th! 

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Subscriber RSVP!

Winter concerts reservation process for 20/21 RENEWED SUBSCRIBERS only! Seating is limited due to social distancing and will be on an ADVANCE, reservation-only basis by concert. Please only reserve if you are certain of attendance. It's easy!

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String Scholarship!

Announcing the Mickey Davis Memorial String Scholarship Competition

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FREE Virtual Events!

Don't miss the next upcoming HAPPY HOUR event with clarinetist J.C. Barker............

Renewed Subscriber RSVP!

20/21 CONCERT RESERVATION PROCESS (for renewed subscribers only).............

MSO Winter 2020-21 Concerts, Playing It Safe

The MSO and city of Jackson are committed to your safety.  We will monitor and follow protocols and guidelines issued by the CDC and our Governor and State Health Department..............

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